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story 494: Daniel, aged 10

Hello my name is Daniel and this is the story of the death of my dad.

My dad was called John McCarthy he was a brilliant dad who fighted brain cancer for 2 months.this all started on june 2008 until august 2008

Day 1

My dad went to work and came back shattered and exhausted plus with a headache so crashed out on the sofa for a rest had dinner and went straight to bed at 8:30pm.

Day 2

It was the weekend and my dad woke with a yawn and strectch set out breakfast and got everyone up at 9:00am aafter that we went to the park for footy and with a stomach ache and headache we all played for more than 2 hours and he fighted those two aches for more than 2 hours.

Week 1

One week and my dad still fighting cancer went scaffolding (his job) and came back with a massive bruise on his head plus a bandage.

Week 2

This was the time when he started to weaken so he asked to go to the doctors which started to become serious the doctor said it would be possible he could have brain cancer and also said to go to the hospital which we did so we then found ou t that our dad had to stay in hospital for as long as it would take to get rid of the cancer

Week 7

One week until my dad died he returned home with hospitality stuff to help get rid of cancer but nothing worked so he started to die.

Final day

The final day and i made it my dads best final day ever he could only slightly talk and my dads last words to me were "i love you and i always will right to the last second" although he was fighting and trying to survive at 9:00am August 2nd he was dead I cried and i cried for him to come back to life and live more but nothing worked
it was the worst day of my life for my dad to die.

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