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story 489: Rhuey, aged 14

My dad died 1 week ago today and i still cant believe he has gone he was not the best of fathers but i loved him still after all the heart ache he has caused my family(he use to beat my mum alot) but he is stil my dad and i love him and also i lost my nanna earlier this year from 2 strokes and my dad from cancer and my aunty from cancer all this year and today my uncle had a heart attack i really dont no what to do with myself as i loved them all so much i just cry myself to sleep and i still feel numb talking about them :(. i love you so much dad,aunty and nanna and i hope you will save me a seat with you! your all amazing truely and i love you too bits forever in my heart i will never forget you!! its so hard to say bye but i have to :/ wish i could turn back time and see you again but i cant :(

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