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story 454: Daniel, 15

On january 6th 2007 my gran was really ill she was in hospital. My dad made me and him go out for a bike ride it was raining and cold, half way round he told me that grannny was ill in hospital and that i had to be brave and be strong. We went in the car to the hospital and i went straight in and i sa her just lying there whilst people were shoving tubes up her nose and other horrible stuff.I ran back outside to calm down and i came back in and went straight to her and i held her hand and my dad and unlce had an argument with the nurse saying a had a right to stay and that it might be her last day but they did still have to lie about my age. I had a phone call in the office to my aunty jane my grans only daughter and she told me to stay with granny and look after her until she gets up here. i did exactly what she said, it was getting late and my dad said we had to go i went really mad shouting at him saying i wanted to stay and do what jane had said but we went home. I listened to music a song called i miss you by miley cyrus and i thought she will be ok she always is. I went down stairs and to watch king kong then in the scene when all the dinosaurs start falling of the clifa and dying thephone rang it was someone telling us granny had died. It was three weeks before my birthday and my best friend had died the only one i trusted and i could talk to in my family. The problem is my family wont talk to me about it and i still dont know why she doed and it has been 4 years, i miss her so much. I still cry myself to sleep, but it is easier and i try not to forget her i have a photo of her on my laptop so i can see her face when ever i want. I still cant watch king kong though i get to upset, oh well i never did like it much.

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