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story 432: Lewis, age 13

Sadly, my mum died from cancer in the  Hospice, Southamton, England on July 1st 2010. I'm just so proud of her that she has been fighting for nearly 4 years. I'm so happy that my mum had a really lovely life. Also I'm relieved that my mum doesn't have to go thorugh anymore pain. But maybe she might have 1 pain though. And that pain has to do with missing me, my sister, my dad, and my nan and grandad the most. she was such a lovely person. When my mum told me and my sister that she had breast cancer, i was extremely sad that she had to go through lots of pain and chemotherapy. but then i was happy again 2 years during her cancer. Our whole family thought it was gone. It was... in her breast. The cancer from her breast went down to the bones which got her bone cancer which is terminal. then we all knew that the cancer would never go. then eventually, the cancer spread. Liver, lungs, everything. She had more drugs to use like morphine. And all that morphine made my mum talk a little jiberish. when we were going on a weekend of down to he caravan in , Selsey, England, she said "Oh look! It's Lady Gaga!". So we brought her to  Hospice to make my mum a little better form her morphine by giving her a little more drugs but then it hurted her to breathe from her lungs  so she breathed from her stomach which made her die. Luckily, she died in her sleep. She did'nt have to die from pain like some other people when thay die of cancer. R.I.P Mummy. I love You soooooo much.

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