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story 410: joe, aged 14

on the 12th of january 2007 my father keith ( 49 ) died of a cancer called melonoma i has horrifed when they told me they had cancer and my first response was " but daddy doesnt even smoke" i was so scared when they told me and then he died i didnt know what to do should i cry or should i be brave for my sister and mum but the a snaped i fell to the floor and cried i couldnt breath i couldnt speak it just cried i couldnt do anything else. then on the 29th  of january we had his funeral it was a killer i just held his bike helmet that he loved and cried in to it and wouldnt let it go my aunt offered me tissues but i refused to use therm because i wanted my dad to know i missed him. to this very dad it feels like my heart is broken inside and i am not sure if it will ever stop hurting.

My only hope is that with time that it might heal enough to be bearable i am not sure if it is possible but who knows what the futre holds for now i only cross my fingers and hope for a better tommorow i wish there is i hope there is i would do anything for a better tommorow where the pain was know more.

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