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story 408: nathan, aged 11

My little brother died in march 2009 when i was eleven  he had be suffering for months from lukemia and unfortunatley he died from it Daniel was the heart of our family even if he was 2 he always made us laugh and he always smiled when he died my mum was worst hit to be honest i thought she was going to die because she wouldnt eat infact on the day my brother died sat in the room with his little body lying on the bed me giving him a hug a I saw something i know im not going to see again for a long time at least i saw my grandad and my dad cry and there yorkshire me and id never ever seen them cry before NEVER I thought that my grandan sitting on the chair in the coner of Daniels hospital room that i would have to say goodbye to him to because he looked like he was going to have a heart attack ( luckly he diddnt ) the very next day all my family came around and were all crying apart from a few who were puting on a brave face to help me and my sister but i knew inside they were tearing them selfs apart. I remember i diddnt cry much at all i just went num for days an days infact it took at least three months for me to do stuff normally again and cry and the person who helped me do that was my councillor jo from star  bereavement who helepd with everything and she was always there for me she came and visited me at school and at home plus even though my time with her is up if me or my sister need her we can just ring her up and she will come and see us plus before christmas we desighned star's offical xhristmas card of 2010.

so this is my thankyou to jo and every one who's helped me and my family like my mums councillor and indeed rd4u and most importantley DANIEL MY LITTLE BROTHER WHO GAVE ME AND MY FAMILY THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIFE SO



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