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Message from: abi, 05 Dec 05

Subject: my boyfriend

i am 14, i hav been goin out wiv my boyfrend for about 2-3 yrs. no1 ever knew about him, apart from my best m8s, as he is 18 and lives 3hours away from me. i met him about 4 years ago on holiday and fone him every morning a and night. we are in love and we hav planned to get married when i am old enough. then about 3weeks ago he died. i miss him SO much. my frends hav tried helpd a lot and dey hav told a adult hu has helped to. i jus wnt 2 cry all the time and feel like there is no point in living becuase my hole future has been ruined. everywhere i look i see him its realy scaring me. its hard to think he has gon 4eva. i am lost and dont know what to do

Reply from: Amy

Subject:(no subject)

First of all hun im sorry for your loss and im 14 myself i cannot say i have lost my boyfriend or lover like you have but i really am suffering like you i have lost my grandad and cannot get over it and its been nearly 3-4 yrs and it just gets worse and i have been self-harming for these 3-4 yrs also so its left me really fragile im quite ill at the moment dealing with depression and guilt for personal reasons id rather not discuss but i just want to say how sorry i am for you and that you dont have to suffer alone hunni ill be here for you if you need someone to talk to and i will take you seriously unlike a most adults.
My names amy an im 14 my birthday this january. please write back and tell me how you are doing? luv ya hunni xxxx

Reply from: bryony

Subject: I lost my boyfriend too!

i lost my boyfriend too and so can sympathise with how you are feeling. My boyfriend liam died in a car crash just 3 weeks after his eighteenth birthday. it was a trajic event and i felt so guilty as i was the last person to have seen him and not his family. It has now been nearly six months and i am more on an even keel!! i have started to get my lfe back together and get on with my school work which is what he would have wanted me to do. All i can say is that time heals and time is the thing that will make you fell better. i still have days and weeks which i feel bad but i know that he is with me. trust me i did not feel like this in the beginning!! you will be fine you just need to do what feels right to you. if you want to cry then cry and if not then dont. Do whatever makes you feel comforted. that is my advice. LOOK AFTER YOU!!!
love bryony xxx (18 yrs old)

Reply from:abi


thankyou both for your replys, its nice to know that someone out there cares about you. :-)
im a bit better thanx. i jus dont know what to do with myself sometimes though. i keep crying at the most inconveniant times. its just hard to know that i will never see him again. at first it felt like i jus had an argument wiv him... bcus he lives so far away, i havnt realy lyk felt a differnce around me. but then when i get out my fone n der isnt a message from him i lose it. also people tell me that its ment to get easier everyday but it dosnt :-(

Reply from:queenie

Subject: so sorry abi

Abi sorry to hear of your loss it never gets easier i'm affraid but you just learn some how to live with the pain and cope better in time i found comfort in the thought and hope that we do go on after death and i will get to see my loved ones again one day i hope you find your way of making life alittle less painful take care hun x

Reply from: charlotte
Subject : sorry of all your losses
hello sorry to all of your losses.I hope you all cope best wishes and good luck in the future
charlotte xxx

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