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Message from: Adam, 05 Dec 05

Subject: Going 2 b left with twins on my own at 17 cause my gf is diein with cancer

You may have read are story be4 cause a mate told myself and my girlfriend about RD4U and Amy wote in. but i am wighting in because i really need help.

I have been best mates with amy from i was about 4. Then 2 years ago we started going out with eash other. Then last year amy found out she had canner and only had about 3 years to live. when i found out i could not belive it. Amy always talked about growin up have children and getin marred and i could belive that this was not goin to happing 2 her. so i told her i well make her dream happing. so we sat down and talked it over with our familys and and they sayed we can go a head. so on the 1st of sept 2005 God gave us the best gift of all two lovely twin girls. On the 15th feb Amy's 16th brithay i am goin 2 make Amy's Second dream come true we are gettin marred.I Told amy that eveything is going 2 be ok but its not i am sooooooo scard. please HELP ME. lots of love from Adam

Reply from:laura

Subject:(no subject)

im so sorry to hear tht i dont know how ur feeling coz its ya gf but i know how its feels to loose sum 1 to cancer as my mum had it i loved her so much and i know wht ur going trough i hope u will be ok if u need to talk u can do
i'll be there for u

Reply from: charlotte
Subject : TWINS
Just talk to your twins how great there mommy was and how she will allways be proud of them and lookin ova dem put pics up in the girls bedroom or wearevever they go then they will see there mummy! you could create a memory box for the girls and put things in there mommy liked ! you could also do one for yourself put cards in there she bought for you and dat.I think ur extremly brave m8 take cear in de futer it will all work out 1 day! xxx

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