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Message from: Charlotte, 05 Dec 05

Subject: My little brother- im so lonely

Im 17 and my brother was 15. He was hit by a car whilst crossing the road and died a few weeks ago. My paents are great but they just dont understand how I feel really. I dont have any other brothers and sisters and Matt (my bro) was my world, and now he has gone and I have no1 special to tell all my secrets to or to share things with. I would love to talk to someone in a similar situation.

Reply from: K

Subject:Losing a brother

I know exactly how u feel. I'm 21, my bro was 19. I'm all by myself now, for 19 yrs it was the two of us and now he's gone. I have lots of friend and they tell me I'm not by myself but It's just not the same. At family parties it's just me by myself. I think people underestimate how awful losing a brother can be. Be strong for our brothers....they will be looking down on us. x

Reply from:steph

Subject:i lost my bro 2

my bro was 16 i m only 12 but i no how u feel but i hav 6 other brothers but it still not the same justin (my bro)got shot in the head sitting right next 2 my other brother & 4 a month my brother said it was his fault that justin got shot people say its going 2 b ok or if i need something just ask the only thing i need is 4 my brother 2 b in this world agian some say hes in a better place but how do they no did they ever go there others say god is always with us but god was not in that car protecting my brother so even tho i m younger than u i still no how u feel

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