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Message from: Ellie, 05 Dec 05

Subject: Daddy R.I.P

Is there anyone who hasnt had any one 2 talk to.
My dad died 13th july and i can't reallytalk to anyone properly. I don't know anyone who is gone through this! Can anyone give me advice???

Reply from:Sammy

Subject:Losing your dad

i lost my dad the day after fathers day and it was really hard i talked to him most out of everyone around me and i feel really alone now and i dont know how i am supposed to get through this but i belive in my heart that everything has to happen for a reason and thats the only thing that has really given me comfort

Reply from:Jaynie

Subject: Dad

Hi Ellie, my dad died march 15th 2005 and i've not really talked about it. Did ur dad die this july? I'm 18, how old r u? xxxx

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