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Message from: Mary, 05 Dec 05

Subject: My Mum

Hi my name is mary. i am 19 years old i lost my mum to cancer there in June this year i am finding it hard to come to terms with my mums death everyone else im my family seems to be coping just fine but i never seam to be able to move on .As a result of my mums death i have also turnes to self harm which i would never recommend to any one else to do as i just makes matters worse. Iam now seeking help for my self harming. i dont really know how to end this so i am just going to end it here.

Reply from:queenie

Subject:i know how you feel

Hi Mary firstly i'm very sorry for the loss of your mum it must be very hard i lost my dad suddenly in october of this year and have found it very hard i'm 23 and have now been on ant depressants and sleeping pills ever since and have now developed agoraphobia and can't leave the house alone please please do get help i am seeking help myself i'm sure your mum as my dad would want us to be in good health and not have to worry about us as they are no longer here for us to turn to perhaps you are like me and botttle things up everyone around me seems to cope too and that's very hard sometimes it makes me angry as i feel like they have all forgotten about him if you need to talk message me back and i will get back to you take care hun x

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