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Message from: Sue, 30 Nov 05

Subject: My mother

l have just lost my mum she died of cancer, she lived with me, and now my life feels so empty l just want to be with her

Reply from:phil

Subject:my mum

hello my mum died a month ago 29th 0ct 2005 just wondering how u are all dealing with it . i cry every night as well . iam doind ok iam 18 m but still find it very hard noing i will never c my mum again

Reply from: Tina


Hello Sue

I can understand your pain, my mum passed away on the 16th November and as u can imagine the pain of loosing her is still very raw, however I do get a great deal of comfort knowing that she is no longer suffering. I dont know if this helps but I am sure your mum wouldnt want you to be suffering like this honey. You have life and it is VERY precious~if you want to chat let me know and i will forward my email address. Take Care and God Bless x

Reply from: Gemma


Hi there,

I read your message.

I lost my mum five years ago, and it's the most single life changing thing that will ever happen. I feel your sadness and you have to know that you are not alone and that eventually the sadness will pass and you will realise that you have to carry on and live life to the max not only for yourself, but for your mom - she would have wanted you to be happy.

Take care. Thinking of you

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