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Message from: kaylea, 30 Nov 05

Subject: helpin friends

2 of my friends are having a really hard time at the moment 1 of them lost there aunty the week b4 lastand 1 has lost a m8 called kostas hes been all ova the news and in may i lost my neice, i want to help these people but i just dotn kno wat to say to thm can any1 help plz???

Reply from:Sophie

Subject: Helpin others

I just want to say tthat to help a friend when they are grieving is simply being there for them. The hardest time for me was i was grieving was three months after my sister died and all the friends around seemed to move on with there lives and i was left grieving on my own yoyu feel very lonely. so i would say you need to be there for them now but also in the low periods that they will have in the next few months and years, because i don't think grieving ever stops completely

Reply from:laz

Subject:helpin friends

We all got to go . Life is such a precious gift . We don`t even realise all the things wehas until they is threatened or sonething . Today you can breathe but do you really apprecaite how amazing that is . If you saw someone who strugled for every breath you`d know what i mean , It might be too raw for your friends just yet and the paine hurts so bad
its hard to see . But its so true you don`t know what you has until its gone . Me myself i got woke up
too when i lost my best freind .made me see what i have .Life don`t get stuck into the negative if you can help it .Its so incredible that we even exist in the first place every moment is eternity in its own way .Every days a fresh start to live this amazing thing we have . You got to see what you have not what you don`t have . Livetoday...
appreciateand be glad your here .

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