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Message from: Amanda, 25 Nov 05

Subject: loss of a baby

I had a wonderful prenancy, till i gave birth and the baby was still born. It was a little girl i was going to call her lilly. but now i am left with a numb feeling!! this happened on the 3rd August. two Weeks ago i found out i am pregeant again, but sadly i missed carried at the weekend at 8 weeks.

I feel so low- has any one been throught this?? i am 25.

Reply from: michelle


it must be hard lossing a baby, my friend had a miscarrage at 11 weeks and she was upset and took a month off work. take time out and chill.
keep smiling and i am sure you can have another baby.

Reply from:*Chloe*

Subject: I've lost a baby

hi there,im only really sorry to hear about your situation, ive also lost my baby, but mine little girl. she was born and everytihng was fine, but sadly my mum fell down the stairs with her and fell on top of her and she died. loosing someone so close is reallly hard and i can understand totally how you are feeling. im really sorry to hear about your second pregnancy. this must be hard for you. have you had any counselling or anything? love chloe x

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