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Message from: Kristina, 25 Nov 05

Subject: my best friend Jamie

me and jamie had always been really good mates and him moving back to bristol was the worst thing that could have happened. thats what i thought. when he moved back he had a car crash recently after and even though he had to be put on life support luckily enough he was fine. but a couple of months ago another friend of mine liam told me that starry(jamie) had been beaten up and that he lay in hospital paralysed with 27 broken bones and brain damage. i thought this was the worst news i could ever have got! b ut liam later on that week told me jamie had died from his fatal injuries. everyone who new starry loved him i dont know why anyone would do that to him. i just want to say jamie i miss you so much you were always there for me and i never said thankyou. so im saying it now. i love you and i always will. always in my heart m8!!

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