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Message from: james, 25 Nov 05

Subject: daddy

i miss my dad i just wish he was here for me

Reply from:Rach


Hi James,i know how you feel,my Dad died last February and i am finding it really hard,

Reply from:kate

Subject:i miss my daddy too

hello james,
my dad passed away 8 months ago and the pain is so much worse now,i miss him more than ever,
when did your dad pass,how old are you,
im 24 and we were close,
i find talking about it helps,its not easy but somehow we must remain strong,
message me back,
take care

Reply from: kathy

Subject:my dad

My dad died on Nov 5/05 and I come from a very close family of 8 siblings. We will all be together this first Christmas without him and be there for my mom, who wants nothing to do with Christmas this year. I am dreading the holidays too, lets get it over with.

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