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Message from: maria, 23 Nov 05

Subject: loss of my brother

i lost my brother suddenly it shocked the whole family he was 15 the family have never been the same since we are a big family i have a sister and two others brothers all younger then myself my mum and dad argue alot now we were realy close before i got 2 childeren of my own i have good days and bad its the second year now and the anniversary is in january 25 his birthday is soon after 9 febuary its got to the point now where i have to talk to someone

Reply from: sharon


I know how you feel, I lost my baby brother on the 13th of november 1997, and he was just 19 he had his birthday 6days before he died. I dont have one single day that I dont feel pain inside from missing him. I also have children of my own and so does he but he died 10 weeks before his baby son was born so he never got the chance to hold him or see him. If you want to chat I am here
take care Sharon xx

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