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Message from: Tina, 23 Nov 05

Subject: My Mum

My mum died about 50 days ago. As I live in England and she lives in Hong Kong. It was too late when I went back. I really miss her a lot. I do not think I could overcome my feeling. I want to do anything that I could have a chat with her in my dream. I love her lots. I cry everyday when I look at her photos.

Reply from:Nikki


I lost my mum at the end of October and i wasn't with her at the time and haven't lived with her for a couple of years. Its hard isn't it? I feel like i should have been there and think about all the stuff i should've said. If you need someone to talk to i'm here. I'm going to see a councillor this week to talk to someone cos i feel like i'm going crazy and i can't sleep. I know this isn't a message of advice or anything but just to let you know, there's someone else here.

Nikki xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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