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From: calum (11)

Subject: pass away dad
my dad died on the 26th of june 2007 i was 8 at the time and found it hard to talk to anyone or accept that he was trully gone. and so i made up a poem to stop me feeling down.

Oh dad you were the best
I wrote my heartfelt lines
Why were you put to rest
I wish we had more time
Every day i think of you
I know you loved me loads
And so I loved you too
I walked down the road with you
There were too many things I forgot to say
Or at least didn't get the time
Your girlfriend birthday was in may
I always thought you were mine
But then the bad news came
You were no longer with us any more
I tried to play my games but the pain came and came
You weren't much of a bore
And now I say my goodbye
But i still just ask oh why

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