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From: JOE

Subject: my mum
my mum died and i miss hear evry day i was very sad when my dad came back from the hocpice.

my mom sadly past away and im only nine i miss my mom she died on the 7th of augst i was verry sad to hear when my dad told me i wihsh my mom was hear to see me grow up R.I.P MOM

Reply from: Wil
Subject :
I'm so sorry to hear about your mum, but just know that you are not alone, I lost my dad a few months ago and had the same thing once, a day I felt like I couldn't cope with anything I had a dream that was so vivid I could see my dads face and that day was so much better cuz I had his face in my mind, but another dream never came. And I know exactly what you mean because I always think its pointless being here theres no point in a life without him but struggle to want to kill myself because of the pain it would cause my mum and brothers. It's horrible but if you ever want to talk please contact me because I know how difficult it is when no1 around you understands
Reply from: joe
Subject : hi
Hi will thank you for the measge i will keep in contact sorry about your dad
Reply from: CHARLOTTE
Subject : me to
hi will joe is my brother and the same happed to me i was realy sad im sorry to here about your shure he would be verry proud of u ust remeber the happy times and the love u shared !!!
i will keep in contact!!!
best wishes will!!!x

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