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From: anon

I lost my little brother, I miss him... Just thinking makes me want to... well i dont know what to do! its impossible to think of anything to keep my mind off it... :( R.I.P brother xxxxxxxxxx

Reply from: Billie
Subject : My Little Brother
I Lost My Little Brother Too And Yes It Can Be Hard At Times But You Have To Think Of Something Positive Instead Of Something That Is Going To Upset You Obviously You Can never Forget Him But You Have To Be Positive ... He Will Always Remain In Your Heart Like My Brother Will Remain In My Heart Too x :)
Reply from: Ebony
Subject : Brother
I lost my brother too, it feels impossible to cope and when you think about it it makes me feel horrible, just know that h loves you and you love him and no matter how far apart you are he's looking down on you, try and find someone you trust to help you keep your mind off it. I don't know exactly how you feel because we all gel differently about it but make sure you always find help when your sad and try to think about good things in life, one day it will get easier to handle but you still think about it everyday but abit differently x Ebony x

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