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From: megan

Subject: i miss u nan
hi im megan im 12 i've only just lost my nan in september right after my birthday because of a brain tumer i cant handle this i think im going mad im in so much shock so now i see things and she pops up in the strangest places really cant handle this i really do need some help i have no one to talk to i cant to my mum because she gets to upset and no one at school understands what im going through plz help me

the things that made me laugh about my nan was that she was always trying to be funni but it just didnt work and when she was younger she accidently feel out of the car or caravan and fell into a rabbit hole and broke her legs but the not so funni part was she ended up in a wheel chair for the rest of her years up until she died just after my birthday in september 2010 and now i see things and she pops out of my head into the strangest places and im only 12 i think im going mental i wish she was still here she was only 61 why cant she still be with us she was a great singer and she always said i was too but my family joke around and say im not so i took it to heart and she would always tell them i wasnt i was really god but now shes gone i take what they say for granted and everybody at school is bullieing me because of it and because im on crutches if she was here she would go mental at them but now i have to deal with it my mum and dad help but it doest work i really wish she was here bye from megan

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