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From: Steph

Subject: Mum.
My mum died when i was 10,she was an alcoholic so when i was 7 i was put in custody ov my dad. when living with my mum i was around horrible things that a child shunt have to see,i used to make excuses when going to see my mum due the social services rules because i was scared she was going to get drunk an not let me return to my dad like she had done before she then went down hill an wasnt in on the days i DID go to see her (it was the same dAY AN TIME SO SHE KNEW) social services didnt bother to follow this up an i went 5 or 6 week with out seein or hearin from her i then got back in contact i saw her once for 2 hours an the next time the visit came around she had died now i constantly feel guilty its killing me please help me

Reply from: Chloe
Subject : RE: Mum
I know how you feel. My dad was an alcoholic and abandoned me and my mum who died when I was ten too. It is hard because my mum was in a wheelchair and I had to live with my aunt where I live now. I constantly feel guilty for not seeing her. But don't feel guilty. When your mum was drunk, it wasn't your mum, it was a random person who you do not know. I was the same because I could not see or speak to my mum when she was mentally ill, but it was not my mum, it was Denise. Your feeling of guilt may fade over time but just remember, you don't need to feel guilty!!!!!!!

From Chloe
Reply from: Bethan
Subject : your mum.
hi. i lost my dad and i feel the same sometimes. do you have a school councellor? because they really help and they give you soooo mutch support. they dont tell annyone your buisness and i think you should concider getting one. do you sometimes feel jealous, well that is also natural. and so is feeling guilty sad and angry. i have to bottle up my feelings to stop my family from crying. i hope you get luck trying to get a councellor and if you dont (or if you allready have) then try and visit your doctor hope you feel better soon, bethan x
Reply from: Bethany
Subject : Mum
hey, im sorry to hear about your mum. My mum died when i was 14 months, of breast cancer.
You shouldnt feel guilty, its not YOUR fault your mum died. Just cherish the good memories you have with your mum. At least you have some memories :( Keep your chin up, your amazing. Dont let anyone else tell you any different. :)

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