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From: Danielle

Subject: Mum
My mum died three years ago.This christmas felt the worse without mum.I couLd feel tears coming to my eyes as I opened my presents with out mum being there.Knowing I was celebrating christmas with foster family did not feel right.I kept going upstairs away from the foster family so that I could cry and think about mum.I miss mum so much.My foster sis was talking to her mum about how teenagers these days are so weak all they want to do is to kill them selfs.I was sitting there thinking that is true for me.Mum was my life.Was my only fAMILY.I am in the middle I always say I want to die but then life is not that long when you really think about it.It FEELS LIKE IT.i JUST WANT MY MUM

Reply from RD4U:
We are very sorry to hear of the death of your mum. It is good that you have posted this message and then other young people will reply. Besides this if you want to talk to someone from Cruse we have a Freephone Helpline on 08088081677 and also you can see one of our bereavement support workers in your local Cruse branch. details of our local branches are on our website Another good helpline is Childline on 0800 1111

Reply from: Danielle

Thank you so much RD4u.I miss my mum so much.I am scared about being alone.I know my mum would want me to be happy but I cant be without mum for the rest of my life I am scared to live but then I am scared to die i just want mum

From RD4U: Don't forget - if you want to speak to someone from Cruse do telephone our Freephone Helpline on 08081671677 during the working day. Another good helpline is Childline on 0808 1111. If you want to see someone from Cruse then details of our branches are on our website

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