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From: baronrc

Subject: i sent daddy an email
my daddy has been dead for two years, I'm currently on holiday in turkey, I just sent my daddy an email that he'll never read, I want to go to my room and cry now.

Reply from: bethan
Subject : my dad.
i am only 12 and have just moved up to high school. i allways thoght that he would be the first to wave me off on my first day. he died on the 17th of december 2010 and its just been a year. i miss him terribly. i know how you feel
Reply from: Lisaa
Subject : Dad
Hi, my names Lisaa and im only 12, my dad died in August. I think you should work your hardest to do well in your exams to make him proud, good luck xxxxxxxxxxx
Reply from: sinead
i am 12 nealy 13 i know how u feel my dad died when iwas 5. 4 years i used to say that he was still there and keep the light on in case he came back and ii used to talk to him and set tea out for him i want to die every day to be with him :'(

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