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From: Meg

Subject: My best friend.
29August2010, is the day my like turned upside down. One of my best friends died.. And ever since, I've been thinking about her every day.
My baby was only 13 years old, yes. There is a 3 year age gap between us.. but, even still we were so close.
Time has stood still for me, I can't move on. I can't accept that she's gone, forever. I hold her close to my heart, where she'll stay.. But, it doesnt feel like enough.
She was such a happy and bubbily person, full of life! G-d obviously wanted her more than us... I want her back, to hold her in my arms.. But I guess in one sense i'm lucky. I have my own guardian angel. She still visits me, she comes to see me in my dreams, its comoforting because I get to hear her voice and laughter... but hard, because I know i've lost it when I wake up. She's been to visit me 4 times since she died..
Oh, how I wish I could turn back the clock :(

Love you always baby girl.
Sleep well.

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