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From: Danielle

Please help me my mum died three years ago.I am now 15.Recently is soooo hard for me because all the soaps on the tv are about death.I went to my mums headstone on monday the headstone was in such a mess I just cried and said where do I sstart ot upsets me because I live so far away to where the headstone is.I go to school.I sit in the toilets I dont want to be around people because I am jelous they have their mum and I dont I cam home yesterday and just broke down I cried and cried for mum cuddling mums cardigan.Adults tell me it is part f life I know this but I just dont want to hear this I just want my mum back please road for you help me.I ask myself How have i lasted three years without mum ??I miss her so much she was my only family we looked after eachother now she has gone I feel all alone in care

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