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From: Stephanie

Subject:: miss my mum
I lost my mum a year ago and as the snow has started and the winter is coming in all i can do is relive what i went through last year. i miss my mum but i havent spoke to anyone about it and just feel like i have been suppressing my feelings. x

Reply from: Carly
Subject : XX
Hi hun. i too lost my mum a year ago, and feel the same, now the nights are darker, and colder, its bringing back the familiarity of the whole sadness i felt last year. although the pain has never gone away, its more depressing now, and im so emotional, i don't seem to know how to handle my feelings. i don't speak to people about it aither, until today, i wnet to see a doctor cuz i feel im going insane. she advised me to get intouch with cruse and go for councelling sessions. i miss my mum so much, i hope that your ok, and if you do want to just talk, im willing to listen x
Reply from: sally
Subject : hi
im 16 and i lost my mum 2 years ago now and it is still so painfull and hard to deal with but it has taken me this long to talk to someone and i still feel i am suppressing all my feelings but it is getting easier to let go of the pain , it does help and it will get easier , the best way to deal with your feelings is too let them out in anyway wether its screaming or crying , stay strong and dont give up, live for your mum xx

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