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From: Danielle

Subject : mum
I lost my mum when i was 11 . I am now 14 .now that i am older i can see things more clearly understand why mum died .mum had kidney faluer but she was a fighter docters said she would not live untill 30 she passed 30 and was still alive .docters said she would not have children .she had me .mum lived 17 years longer then what docters said she would .mum was my hero and she deserves to rest .i know mum would not want to rest i know she would want to be alive seeing her little girl grow up but that cant and wont happen now so i have to try and live for mum make her proud because i know she is looking down on me .i know mum has died but i know she is still there for me and i feel i should be there for her and live my life words are alot easier then actions .I am low .i have just had 12 sessions of counselling . i have been selfharming .i know mum would be dissapointed but how can i live without mum ?she was my only family.i am now in a foster family

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