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From: Ebony

Subject :
If you have lost someone and you feel guilty for it , it is possibly the worst thing you could feel when someone dies. It is not your Fault things happen diffrently , people die in strange ways . What-ever way they do die it is not your Fault they want you to be happy ... Please reply , there isnt much more i can say they will look down on you and you love them and they will always love you no matter what ....

Reply from: danielle
Subject : mum
that is so true .i lost my mum when i was 11. my mum had kidney faluer .she was a fighter she was strong .it was only me and mum. my dad died 2 weeks befor my first b day he had an affair so no one talks about him. so it was just me and mum .we stuck together like glue and now she has gone i feel alone. i always blame my self how i should of been there for mum because she only had me but three years on my head is a bit more clear and i can see that she had to go she needs to rest she could not fight anymore she deserves to rest and this sounds mean but as much as i wanted to help my mum i could not she was to ill
Reply from: Ebony
Subject : Danielle
Sorry if i spelt your name wrong ..... Hi dannielle Im sorry to hear about your mum she loves you and you know she does sometimes i get these moments where i burst out crying but inside i have done as much as i can and i couldnt stop what happened and i think you should feel the same thats why i always say be happy what you have today because it could all be gone tomorrow, I dont know how old you are now but you seem very clever and it sounds like you were very special to your mum and no matter what shes Your guardian angel and no one elses. I hope you are okay im 10 years old you dont have to put your age i would just like to let you know (: Good luck on rd4u x
Reply from: danielle
Subject : mum
thank you so much ebony .you are very strong for ten yearss old .i am 14 now

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