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From: Anon

Subject : What shall i do ?
I lost my little brother and i told my mum how i feel about it so i got help and no one understands how i feel :( I just want him to be with me but hes not some times i feel like i dont even need to be on this world i dont live with my dad but im really close to him im so grateful for that but i dont like discussing things with him because hes not the childs dad and i just want someone to help me before i do something i regret i dont talk to my mum about it because im worried about her reaction my life has turned into a living death should i live is there a point in living a life thats turned to hell ?

Reply from: danielle
Subject : mum
Anon i am sorry to read about your brother .i lost my mum when i was 11 she was my only family my dad died 2 weeks befor my first b day i do not know much about him because it was an affair me and mum only had each other we stuck together like glue .my mum had kidney faluer so she was always in and out of hospital i was taken in to care when i was 9 because my mum was too ill .my mum has been gone three years and i miss her so much .she was my strength, happiness and encouragment .i am now in a foster family .i have been selfharming but i would not suggest it because it does not help the pain and upset is still there .i think i want to end my life but dont your brother and my mum would still want us to live .i feel happy knowing my mum is looking down on me
Reply from: charlotte
Subject : talk
This is a good website to talk to other people .I lost my mum and you can always talk to me over this website if you want to.And you will always have some happy memories!!!

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