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From: Ellie

Subject : Mummy :'(
i lost my mum a month ago i am finding it so hard some days i have no idea what to do. She is my best friend and it is weird not being able to sit down and have a talk...just the 2 of us. She was diagnosed with breast cancer march 2007 and ever since then it has gone downhill. A year later they thought she was cured then they discovered that the cancer had spread to her bones and they thought that thye could keep it under control but unfortuantely it spread to all her soft tissue. She was in a hospice because she had a morphine overdose but a week later she sadly passed away.

I have no idea what i am going to do without her. I have loads of support from my friends and family but it isnt the same as getting support from her. I feel like i am the only person in the world but after coming on this website i realise that there are many more people going through the same thing that i am. I know she lived a wonderful life but it is just a sahme that she didnt get to do everything that she wanted to do.

I love you so much mummy and you will forever be in my heart and in my head. Never forgotten xxx <3


Reply from: danielle
Subject : mum
hi Ellie
i know how you feel .i lost my mum three years ago .she was my best friend .my mum had failling kidneys so she was always in and out of hospital .i use to look after her when i was a young child. i would help her with her machine setting it up . I did not know my dad he died 2 weeks befor my first b day so it was always me and mum together facing the big world .my mum died in may when i was 11.when i was 9 i was taken in to care because mum got to ill .I miss her so much i am always crying for her for her big hugs and the talks ,the advice i am now in a foster family i am happy but i still  miss mum .i have just finished counselling i had 12 sessions .I know how you feel .IT is not nice but unfortunally death is a apart of life .I hope you are coping better I am sorry for your mum loss i send you lots of love i am now 14 i am 15 in september
Reply from: charlotte
Subject : mom
I lost my mom to she had breast cancer to she had cemo as well then she got better but then she was diagnosed with liver cancer and she went to a hospice to.She was my best freind to!!
Reply from: Daisy
Subject : Mummy
Hi Ellie,

I am so sorry reading your message. My mum died last month as well, she was diagnosed in Dec with lung cancer and never had a chance because there was nothing they could do for her. It all feels so unfair because she never smoked and she was so young.

I know how you feel about having ppl to talk to, but it's no where near how much you need your mum to talk to.  You mum is the person who cares about, no matter what, for the big and little things in life. and, for me, without mum now...I feel totally alone. Like I am not on my own, with no one really looking out for me how mum did.

I don;t know what to do, and I feel like all my friends are so lucky that they still have their mums. Coming on here at least helps because u know other ppl are feeling the worst pain imaginable as well

Take care,


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