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From: tasha

Subject : i lost my brother :(
i lost my brother 2 and a half years ago!!he was 24 and i was 16, he died at his girfriends house whilst waiting for the shower to turn on. He died of a brain tumar so it was sudden. I was tetxing him half hour before it happened and i was home alone when i got the phone call!! when it first happened i justthough he was away with his girlfriend i was trying to tell myself that he had not died!! the first year was ok althoguh it was right close to my GCSE's so i didnt do to well in them, the 2nd year (this year) has been the hardest of them all it is now starting to hit me that he has gone i have been arguing alot with my mum and dad as i am an only child now so they are very protective over me and dont really like me going out any more which causes alot of arguements ive ran away etc which just isnt me. i have refused to talk to people about it and decided to bottle it all up but i have finally hit rock bottom im not eating im constantly crying for no reason i could be laughing with my friends then all of a sudden start crying i have tried taking an OD but mum walked in i just cant cope feeling this way any more. I thought i would right on here to see if anyone has and ideas with what i can do to stop myself from feeling like this. xx

Reply from: Billie
Subject :
i lost my brother too it was hard for me when he passed away i didn't really understand it but now i do to be honest you can't stop yourself missing him and feeling upset and stuff but that is life just imagine how upset your parents would be if you went too ? They would hate it i take it step by step everyday and think too myself i can't put my mum through that again my brother would now be 9 i wish i went instead of him but then i understand it would still be hard xxx good luck and i am so so so sorry to hear about your brother xxx

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