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From: Katie

Subject : Grandad
I know it was about 7 months ago but i cry nearly every night over my grandads death. plz cud some1 reply and share there feelings too or giv me advice i wud be so grateful

Reply from: david
Subject : :(
I also lost my grandad last year in November, i stil havent grieved for him or gotten over the fact has gone, i find myself getting angry alot easier then i used to, angry that he has gone, that i couldnt help him, i find myself depressed and down :/, everyday i think about him and cry for him, i was extremely close to him and to lose someone like that is kind of like losing a kidney or losing a vital organ, how are we meant to function without someone so important in our life,

sorry i couldnt really offer much advice just kinda self experience, i need to learn to cope with it, but its hard, ive written one of the messages on the board which should be up at some point.
Reply from: Katie
Subject : Grandad
Thanks David did you put anything on the timeline I did it's under the 1 year category it's Katie July 2010 and starts with 2009 was probably the worst year of my life. Please check it out

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