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From: lucy

Subject : my mum die
my mum die 7 weeks on monday just oen im 13 i dono why it had to be my mum i love her to bts and i will doo RIP mum love u loads and allways will do xxxx

i miss her loads its not the same wiv out here she was the best mum in the world i will always love all ways will do RIP mum love u laods lucy xxxx

Reply from: Sophie
Subject: Hey lucy,
I lost my mum a few year's ago when i was nine.
It's really hard and i suffered mild depression.What helped me come throught it apart from everything else was thinking 'how would mum feel if she saw me now?'
and i pulled myslef together
if you feel low go see a counceller , dont go as low as i went.
Remember the good time's not the bad.
btw i am only 12 :)
If your worried you'll forget her you wont , you never will she will be with you everyday wether your at school or in a car :)
Lot's of love
Reply from: danielle
Subject : mum
i lost my mum when i was 11 i am now 14 .i have just finished having 12 sessions of counselling .when i got told i was having counselling i was scared of forgetting mum i did not want to move on but i have not forgot mum .i just deal with things better now .i still miss mum loads and that is normal and it will never stop . i know mum would want me to carry on with my life making her proud but it is still very hard .i am in a foster family with two beautiful dogs .im sorry to everyone who has lost someone it is awlful

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