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From: sorcha

Subject : my sister
i lost my sister in 18 august 2002  in a car accident. mum, dad, josh (brother), kirsten (sister who died) and myself was in the car accident. i was only 5 years old when it happend and she was 10 years old when she died. me and my sister was in the back of the car asleepnwith no seat belt on when it happend. my sister died and everyone else in the car survived.

sometimes i feel like killing myself or running away because i can't deal with it. i sometimes feel it should of been me who died in the accident not her. i didn't have any memories of her just photos of her and what people have been telling me things about her. i get upset because i don't have any memories of my own of her and i can't speak to my mum and dad about this.

Reply from: Harriet
Subject: don't ever feel like you're alone.
there's millions of people who have been through what you have, stay strong and you'll come out better for it x
Reply from: sorcha
Subject : thank u
thank u. i will try to stay strong and i know that i am not alone but it feels like i am a lone thou sometimes.

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