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From: Ebony

Subject : Dont worry
This is for everyone .
I'm called ebony and I am 10 years old I have lost my little brother and my mum has had two other miss carriages.
If you have lost your mum , dad, nanny,grandma , friend,brother,sister.grandad any person who you are sad about dying just think about them being happy in heaven looking down at you,they  will always be with you in your heart . Please reply and tell me how you feel. I will always listen.

Reply: no name
i've lost my brother he would now be 9 i hate it wen i think about him i feel sooo sad and i hate it wen any one says anything mean about him i just walk of and cry i love my brother loads and i wish he was here but he isn't xxx Love U Bro xxx
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Reply from: no name
i have lost my dad 2 bro's grat grandme and great grandad and i cuz
i fell like killing myself
Reply from: Ebony
Im sorry to hear about your brother and your dad and great grandma and grandad ...  If you ever feel sad just remeber they love and loved you and you love them too although they are dead there life will always be remebered and just remeber the happy times you had and remember that they will want you to be happy and live your life as they are still there.
Reply from: tyler
Subject : wow
sorry to hear about all thoese losses i lost my dad in 2009 on the 28th feb and wow ebony thoese words were really touching xx

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