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From: no name

Subject : : my brother
HELLPPPP i miss my brother i don't know what to do i miss him sooo much why does he have to be dead it is a horrible feeling i am soo glad that i didn't get so atached to him but i wish i did now. I miss u bro im sorry i never got to meet u xxx <3 xxx I MISS U LOADS xxxx <3 xxxx u would now be 9 i love you xxx <3 xxx <3 xxx i need hellp

Reply from: Ebony
Subject : Brothers
My brother died as well its a horrible feeling i never got  to know my brother either , just think he will want you to be happy and he will look down on you and he will always love you as much as you love him no matter what please reply . :)
Reply: No Name
Subject : Thanxs
Thank-You soo much i am dearly sorry to hear about your brother x i just wish i could talk to my mum and tell her how i feel but she just does'nt understand if i say one thing about him she will just walk away and does'nt speak to me for the rest of the day it is soo HARD i just need to tell someone what im feeling :( I MISS U BRO xxx SOOO SOOO MUCH xxx AT LEAST YOUR IN A BEATIFUL PLACE CALLED HEAVEN xxx BUT I STILL WISHED YOU WERE HERE xxx MISS U DEARLY xxx <3
Reply from: no name
Subject: Your brother
If your mum doesn't want to talk find someone you trust like a friend or me i will always talk and listem on here im so sorry i think your mum being sad is making you even sadder so remeber hes looking down hes your guardian angel and hes safe.
Reply from: Ebony
The one that said no name last time was me i didnt mean to put that i meant to put ebony i hope u are ok anyways x

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