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From: sam

Subject : my dads b'day
my dads b'day was yeterday on the 13th of july 2010 and my brother died that day and my dad never wants a b'day agen and when it comes up ill be so scared that it will happen to some one else in my family or my friends i also remember going histaricall yester day when i was told my brother was dead i nearly ran on the road and killd my self if  it wasnt for my grandad i most prbily would not be hear i miss you jamie ill allways love you little brother. why did it have to be him im 11 he was 9

Reply from: sarah
Subject : its ok
dont worry sam, it will all be ok. i have been through a similar situation. im here if you need a chat, its ok. x
Reply from: sam
Subject :
thank you i need all the help i can get right now

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