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Message from: Sad - 05 Feb

Subject: My friend Tim

Hi am 14 and recently lost a close friend of mine. He commited suicide on saturday the 31st.Well thats when he was found. I am finding it difficult to cry about it even though i no i miss him i just cant grieve. Everytime i see somebody walking down the street i always think they look like him. I went to the drama that i used to meet him at for the first time since his death, it felt sooo strange not seeing him. Am i still in shock or is there somthing wrong?

Reply from: Frances - 06 Feb 04

Subject: x Tim x

Dont worry we all miss Tim VERY much. Everyone reacts differently!! if u need to talk ive got all the time in the world 4 u. so u can email me on (sorry Frances we can't post your email address on the board - rd4u team) Love Frances xXx

Reply from: Alexis - 11 Feb 04

Subject: Sad

Dear Sad,
I am sorry you are feeling so lost and helpless at the moment. Have you had the chance to read any of the messages on this board? If you have, then you will see that you are not alone, sometimes it can help to know that.

I feel that when someone you love takes their own life, it can be so hard to move on; not only do you have to come to terms with the fact that you wont see them again, but there are so many unanswered questions around the reasons for their actions.

I wouldn't let it worry you, that you haven't been able to cry, everybody reacts differently to grief. If you need to cry, the tears will come.

I hope this has been helpful to you. Take care.


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