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Message from: Jenny - 03 Feb 04

Subject: a mother's love never goes away

My mum died recently of cancer and I just try and remember that even though I can't see her she's in my heart and she will always be there in my heart. She's in a better place now and I know that she can hear me when I talk to her in my head.

Reply from: Rachael - 06 Feb 04

Subject: She is always with u

My Mum died a year ago from cancer. At first I found it hard to cope but I know she is always with me and out of pain. I miss her, but remember your Mum is never far away and will always b in your heart.

Reply from: katie - 20 Feb 04

Subject: the loss of your mum

It is nearly eight years since i lost my mum.My mum died of a brain hearmorragge but the doctors found that after her death she had advanced ovarian cancer. Mummy is always with me in my heart, in my head, wherever i go she will follow.your mum will never leave you, her spirit and memories that you both share will always be with you.
I promise xo
I hope this gives you courage.

Reply from: Jenny - 23 Feb 04

Subject: Thank you

Thank you both for replying to my message - your replies helped me and gave me a bit more courage.

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