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From: Richard

Subject: lost my dad nov 08
: my name is richard, I am 25.
I finished uni in sept 08 and my dad died nov 08. I was coping till a couple of weeks ago, now i've suddenly become a nervous wreak, anxiety, panic attacks, sadness, been crying a lot recently, spoke with people from our local church, they told me men tend to bottle emotions up, I didn't realise it would come out like this. I really hate all these sensations. I haven't been able to concentrate properly, eat properly or do things that I would normally enjoy.
It has eased off to some extent after speaking to various people but it's still irritating, having moments of coldness, numbness, suddenly bursting into tears, not wanting to go outside, feeling alone, shivering etc. Very uncomfortable at times.
I just want to get on with my life again, but being scared of pretty much everything atm is quite annoying. It's like i'm trapped in a room with no way out, the only relaxation I can find atm is when i go to sleep at the end of the day, and then my worries return when I wake the next day!

I don't have friends to talk to, other than one or two online, I'm very shy and stutter in social situations. I really wish I had some friends to be with and share feelings with etc....

Reply from: josh
Subject : same but a diffrent year
i also lost my dad and it was really hard. i got over it by forgeting all about my past and making a new start. i also spent more time with the rest of my family and done more things with them. maybe you could get peer suport from freinds spend more time with them and hear ther thought's :)
Reply from: Rachael
Subject : sorry about your loss's i know how you feel
hi josh i know how you mum died in a acident and my grandad had a stroke and my other grandad has a brain tumour im always depressed and thinking about death but there are things in life to live for....
just because you got close to the people that died doesnt mean its your fault.sometimes im so depressed i cant go to school and i just feel so ill and ive tried attemps at suicide but theres always something to live for..

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