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Message from: Hannah - 27 Jan 04

Subject: Granny and Granddad

My granny and granddad abandoned us 9 years ago and they would always send birthday cards saying lots of love and evrything. Then the day after myt mums birthday the police came to the door to tell us granny was dead and granddad killed himself by setting fire to himself. Please if u hae anything to help me through it plz tell me thanx x

Reply from: Jenny - 05 Feb 04

Subject: Hannah

To Hannah,
What an awful way to learn that your grandparents have died. I am very sorry that you have lost your grandparents, and it must be really hard for you to lose both of them at the same time.
It sounds like they loved you very much, and although it will take a while slowly things will feel better.
If you can talk to someone about how you are feeling that can help a lot too.
Take care, Jenny

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