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Message from: Sophie - 27 Jan 04

Subject: Does everyone feel like this?

Ever since my dad died ive been scared of dying too, whenever i think aout it i get panicy and scared. Does everyone feel like this???

Reply from: beki - 29 Jan 04

Subject: i no how u feel

i really do, when i think about my uncle it makes me wonder and then i just start getting really worried and it does scare me too!! just try not to focus on dying think about all the things you have thought you might want to do and go and do them without thinking about it just go! have fun and live your life as much as you can, you only live once and you have to make it special! we are all goin to die so we all go through the same things just remeber what would your dad want you to do!?

Reply from: ashley - 03 Feb 04

Subject: i know what you are going through

hi im just new here but i wanted support and people to talk to. one of my friends died on a fishing trip and ever since i have thought that i am going to die and everyone else is too. i get so paranoid and cry so much that i want to cuddle my mum forever as she makes me feel safe. i can hardly sleep at night and i think things that i would never have thought of thinking before. but i am trying to pull myself through and everyday i am getting stronger but sometimes i just feel like i want to go back to my normal self im hear to talk if u want to xxx

Reply from:Adam

Subject:Its strange

Ever sense i moved i been feeling strange and now I have more time to think and wonder what will happen...everyone told me dieing feels like an elephant sits on your chest or you become numb then pass out. Also i think about what will happen after, I no I should beleive in God but then I think of over possable things that could happen scientifically.

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