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Message from: - 27 Jan 04

Subject: not only an uncle - a dear friend

i have had an eating disorder ever since i found out my uncle was going to die. we found out in march last year that he had a cancerous brain tumor, i didnt know what to do. he was the best uncle anyone could have, he woulld joke around with me and he would always be the funny guy or the joker. my eating disorder stopped for a while but now he has gone and i cant eat at al and anything i do eat i make myself sick afterwards my family dont know but they have started to notice im not eating! i dont know what to do i just cant swallow anything at all and if i do it makes me feel sick!

Reply from: - 05 Feb 04

Subject: (no subject)

hey, ur uncle sounds lovely, but he would'nt want you to hurt urself. i used to self harm but i thought about how much it would hurt my grandma. is not eating a way of controlling ur emotions. there are other ways, i never cried but i bottled it all up. if you want talk to me. if not take care and i hope i have been of some help.

Reply from:JennyS

Subject:my uncle was my friend too

I can't relate to the eating disorder thing, but I can to your experience with your uncle. I had an uncle who was also my best friend. He died of lung cancer when I was five and its been almost 13 years but it still hurts a ton. Just remember the good times and take everything one day at a time. Good luck. Let me know if I can help anymore. I'm here for you.
take care,
Jenny S.

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