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Message from: Kirstie - 27 Jan 04

Subject: **!!Friends!!**

Friends are so special, i really care for all my friends what ever age they are!
I've not had alot of luck in life and i have lost one of my Best Friends! She was so specail, she had CF and she never let it control har life she controled it! she did what she wanted, she had her life planned out then the cruel illness took it from her!
But i can say this she lived her life to the full!
At the moment two friends of mine are going through a bad piont in there lives, one of them lost her friend and then a month later she lost some else close and my other friend lost her grandad who she was very close to!
I really feel for them but i can't help getting up set about it all and the fact that i'm now 21 and my Dad isn't here with me to share this special time (i lost him in 96) but when i do feel up set i've been keeping it from them as i know they don't want me to add to there problems! I just want to be there for them and i am but as some one said to me the other day "i'm carrying the waight of the world on me shoulders, and not thinking of my self" but how can i @ this time! This time is for them, they come first not me! they really need my support!!!!! i need to be strong!!!!

Reply from: citizen x - 29 Jan 04

Subject: (no subject)

Hi Kirstie,1st of all would like to say that i really admire the way that you are there for your friends and you always try to support them thorugh their rough times and secondly i cnt help but get the feeling that you may be in need of a little support yourself.Dnt get me wrong i think it is great the way you always seem to put your friends before yourself and help them but "carry the weight of the world" is not always a good thing.You have to realise that maybe you need to let some go of some of your own problems and feelings,you never know it may work.If you feel that this may help then I'll be happy to try and be of assitance,if you want.Hope to hear from you soon,take care.

Reply from:kirstie s 19 Apr 04

Subject:thank you

Thank you for your letter of support! i'm now trying to talk out my problems with other friend, so if my friends who have had there loss need me i'm all there for them!
I got through me 21st really well i was the happyest i've ever been after lossing my Dad and it was a wonderful day!
Thankyou again!

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