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Message from: carol - 21 Jan 04

Subject: lost my mate

Last year november 23rd i lost my mate dorian he was hit by a tanker lorry when on his bike, and one of his best mates andy was on the bike with him and he saw the acident. Andy surrvived but sadly dorian died it has been really hard for me the last coulpe of weeks and would like to talk to sum 1. Plz write to me.

Reply from: Jemma - 22 Jan 04

Subject: Dorian

Hi, I have been talking to one of Dorian's other friends and she has told me what a wonderful person he was. I know that it is very hard when you lose a friend because i lost three in October of last yr. Talking helps and i hope there are people u can speak to. Dorian sounds like a popular person and i'm sure that lots of his other friends are hurting too and they may also need someone to talk to! I didn't have many people to talk to and that hurts more, it's good to let people know how u are feeling! If u want to tell me what's hurting u most or what feelings ur having about it are then u can write back and i will reply as soon as I can. Take care of yourself, Jemma xxx

Reply from: carol - 27 Jan 04

Subject: dozz

Soz i havnt e mailed u bk. yeh dozz woz a good person and i miss him so much, my other mate samaya has been going through the same too how bout u how u doing e mail bk soon luv carol xx

Reply from: Jemma - 05 Feb 04

Subject: (no subject)

I'm doing ok thank u, i hope ur doing fine. Its hard to believe that they're not here anymore! I keep telling myself that they're gone but it doesn't feel real! i'm gona have to face it sooner or later tho! have u been speaking to anyone about how u feel about Dozz? I hate the way people avoid talking about the accident my friends were in, just cuz i'm there! It still upsets me but I prefer to talk to people about it! How about u? If u ever need someone to chat to then I'm here! Luv Jemma xxxx

Reply from: Hop along

Subject: Death

Its ok I no how u feel death is harsh but to be honest so is life.Keep a smile on ur face and buck up! Ull be better in no time

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