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From: samantha

Subject: my dead dad
hii im samantha im 11 years old. on the 20th of august 09. when i was n hoilday with my family my dad stayed at home he was an acholic and he went to sleep and didnt wake up. at about 8 or 9 oclock we got a phone call saying that he was dead. we had a very special bond we were insepritable until he went to sleep
if anyone has any advice
please right back

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx R.I.P dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

my dad died on he 20th of august 09 i miss him. i wish i was with him in his time of need but i was in portrush on a supid hoilday in stead my uncle found im on his sofa. he was an acholic and now hs 6 feet under the ground. i miss him somuch sometimes i feel like killing my self just to be with him. i miss him so much its all my fault i sould have been with him instead of going on hoilday im so upset if u have any commets of advice please reply

Reply from: Kirsten
Subject : Advice x
Im really sorry to hear about your loss. I too lost my dad , he died almost 5 years ago now and i still think about him everyday. You will never forget your dad, and he will always be a part of you. Just because you cant see him doesnt mean he isnt there he will always be in your heart and in your memory. You mustn't blame yourself for not being there at the time of your dads death, you wouldnt have known what was going to happen. Dont consider going suicidal , it will just make things worse for the people around you. Whenever you feel completely low, talk to someone you trust like a close friend or relative. or talk to the people here, they can really help too. Hope this helped, things will seem easier as time passes on but i know that even now i still get upset because no-one ever gets over there loss.

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