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From: Lucy

Subject: Abortion
has anybody had an abortion. i feel really bad for doing it like i dont deserve to be here anymore. anybody think i deserve to be.

Reply from: Nicole
Subject : Of course not.
Hiya i might be wrong, but it seems like your quite young? We all do things we should have done and im sure you regret falling pregnant as it is and i hope you have learnt your lesson as you must be carefull. But if i was in your shoes i would do the same and im sure many other people would have. It wouldnt be fair bringing up a child when you didnt want it in the first place. Hope it helps x
Reply from: Lucy
Subject : Thanks
yeah i have learnt my lesson and it wont happen again. i feel that maybe sometimes it was wrong as a part of me really wanted the baby but another part me felt like i couldnt handle since im only 18.
Reply from: Nicole
Subject : .....
I can imagine, i was once close to that experience. It must be hard and im sure i would feel the same but i believe you done the right thing!
Reply from: lucy
Subject: the right thing...
i beleive i did the right thing, as the right decision isnt always the easy one. i felt really hard to do but im feeling more better each day as i know deep in my heart it was the right thing to do

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