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From: louise

Subject: rip mum xx
my mum died on july 13th 2009 i am only 13 years old but not just that i lost my nan last night 16th september  09 i also was the one who found my mum in the hallway when i came in from school i m the oldest out of dthree life is shuch a mess at the moment please if you have eney advice for me please send me a message on this site or comment please 

Reply from: Jane
Subject : RIP Mum xx
Louise,  I'm so so sorry to hear about both your Mum and your Nan.  I hate to think how you must be feeling at this time.  Although a little older than you, I lost my Mum earlier this year in the Spring.  I can only sympathise as there is no other pain like losing your mother.  There is nothing I can say to lesson the pain.  The only advice I can offer is to urge you to talk to all that will listen.  To anyone, relatives, friends, independant third parties.  Use whoever you can to get through this.  I just wanted to let you know louise that you are not alone in your grief though it may feel like it at times.  My heart goes out to you.
Reply from: Alice
Subject : your mum
Hi Louise, I too am older than you but I lost my mum earlier this year suddenly. I hope your are not feeling alone at the moment, and that you have some great school friends looking after you. I look after my sister, much like as the eldest you will be looking after your siblings. All we can do is hug each other and cry with each other, and try to laugh sometimes. I hope that you can do the same. Also, don't shut your feelings away, try to talk I know it sounds silly, and unhelpful but it really will help, find someone you trust. Take care Xxxxx

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